Not All Powder Coating Is The Same

When we here that our new doors have been powder coated, the thought of longevity and quality spring to mind. 

But, not all powder coating will give you the long lasting quality that you might expect. Ensuring your new aluminium glazing products have been coated by a reputable powder coater who will provide you with a 25 year guarantee is essential in ensuring your new installation will stand up to the elements and of course, time. 

Smart Systems in Bristol have invested £15million into a state of the art powder coating plant. As you can imagine, a supplier who uses a small powder coating firm with a £100k setup cannot possibly offer the same pre treatment processes and in turn, quality coating as the coating machinery at Smarts.

Smarts Powder Coating Line

At Uniq Bifold, all products are powder coated by Smarts to ensure your new products will give you the longevity you desire. 

Some manufacturers will even advertise Smarts bifolding doors, this DOES NOT necessarily mean the powder coating, or indeed the gaskets, and hardware are also by Smart Systems. Companies have setup to provide fabricators with cheaper gaskets, handles, rollers and hinges, Smarts will not guarantee these products. Be careful to do your home work to ensure the whole products is supplied by Smarts to your fabricator of choice. 

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